As in the movies: 3 people stuck on a lonely island were located using …


Three sailors who made their way in a boat between two islands in Micronesia in the Pacific Ocean, got stuck on a lonely island after the fuel in their boat ran out in the middle of the road. They had to stop and anchor on Piclot Island in Micronesia, which is about 190 kilometers from the island of Polap, the original destination of their journey. The way they were rescued from the island is reminiscent of a scene from a movie – they recorded the international distress signal SOS and were thus located by the forces that arrived by helicopter to rescue them.

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Rescue forces began searching for the three, after Pollapp Island noticed that the crew had not arrived. From the moment they were reluctant to come, they realized on the island that they had apparently gotten into trouble and lost their way – and then ordered the rescue forces to locate them. After three long hours of searching and towards the end of the search operation – the pilot suddenly noticed a caption on one of the beaches.

“We were nearing the end of the search,” said the pilot. . The helicopters landed on the beach and the crew provided food and drink to the three, verified their identity and made sure that it was indeed the crew they were looking for.


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