“As a Mercedes F1 team we seemed to be sleeping!”


After the Silverstone Grand Prix, Valtteri Bottas was particularly disappointed with his third place and especially the way it had come about. The Finn therefore lashed out at the team.

“This is obviously very frustrating,” Bottas told Martin Brundle of ‘Sky Sport’ afterwards. “If you can start from pole position, third place is certainly not ideal.”

After that, the Finn clearly expressed fierce criticism against Mercedes, according to Bottas, the team has dropped serious stitches strategically.

“As a team we were asleep at one point when Max suddenly managed to pass us. My strategy was far from ideal. We have a lot to learn from today.”

“There was a chance to follow Max. However, as soon as I started pushing towards the end, my tires sank.”

Especially the tire wear at a track temperature above 40 ° C worries Bottas. Tire management was not at all good in that area.

“We had really blistering tires today. It seems like Red Bull had no problems at all, they clearly had an advantage today.”

“The tires overheated, it seemed like they were boiling. You get holes in the tires and then you lose grip and speed.”

For Bottas, it was again a disappointing race at Silverstone, the Finn saw Lewis Hamilton also further ahead in the World Cup standings due to his third place.

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