Arsenal has been criticized for ‘shameful’ wave of redundancies


Wednesday, August 5, 2020 at

Arsenal has received much criticism on Wednesday afternoon with a statement in which the club discusses the measures taken to tackle the corona crisis. The Gunners let them know that there is a lot to be cut in the organization, with as many as 55 people losing their jobs. This decision by the Londoners sparked outrageous reactions on social media.

“We don’t take these kinds of decisions lightly and we took a close look at every aspect of the club and our expenses before we got to this point,” directors Raul Sanlleh and Vinai Venkatesham explained Arsenal’s decision to say goodbye to dozens of staff take. “These proposed measures will eventually be taken to ensure we can move this great club forward, create the right organization for a world beyond Covid and ensure that we have the resources to get back into the domestic top and in Europe . ”

Despite the explanation from the club management, Arsenal’s decision was met with a lot of scorn on social media. “55 jobs, say with a salary of £ 50,000 a year, that makes £ 2.75 million. If you consider some of the deals we have made for players, and the amounts transferred to them and certain agents, it is disgraceful that the club currently recommends that 55 hardworking people choose their lose job ”, let the influential fan account arseblog record.

“I know it is unnecessary to point this out, but it is particularly shameful if the owner has one f*cking multiple billionaire. This is awful. And besides, three days after the FA Cup win, after saving the season, after ending with a high that makes everyone feel pretty good, are they coming up with this? According to whose common sense was the right time? ”

Someone else points out that this decision seems to be just a drop on the glowing plate: “55 jobs that have been cut is worth between one and two million euros. The Kroenkes (the owners of Arsenal, ed.) Can pay for this out of pocket. The players can pay this from their salaries. The sale of one player could finance this. I don’t really see how this moves the needle at all in terms of cutting costs for the club, or how this is the best way to save money. Not good.” Many fans also point out that Arsenal is currently working on a mega contract for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. The striker is said to earn more than 277 thousand euros per week if he chooses to sign a new commitment.


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