Arsenal Cup numbers: Pierre-Emerick Obmiang’s records


Obmiang broke Arsenal’s record, Arta declared: “Building the team around him”
Juventus players celebrate in the locker room winning a championship (Official Juventus Twitter account)
Through the league it did not work, so how good it is to have a trophy. Arsenal won the English Cup tonight (Saturday) for the 14th time in its history and secured the 26th European season in a row, with a ticket to the Europa League home stage. Pierre-Emerick Obmiang, the first African captain in the history of the factory, set up a 1-2 draw against Chelsea with a double and celebrated a bachelor’s degree in the Gunners uniform, after the Blues led from an early goal by Christian Policic. Frank Lampard lost in his first Cup final as a coach and also lost Cesar Asiplicueta, Polisic and Pedro (his last game at Chelsea) who were injured and Mateo Kovacic who was sent off.

Arsenal coach Michael Arteta referred to Obamyang’s future at Arsenal and said: “He knows what I think of him. I want to build the squad around him. I think he wants to stay and it’s about to close. I think moments like this will help him understand and believe we’re on the right track and he’s a big part “He is loved by everyone at the club and I hope he will continue with us.”

Chelsea felt frustrated after the game because of two rather crucial decisions, which the VAR could not check: one was when the Arsenal goalkeeper apparently touched a hand off the pitch, and the other when Kovacevic received a second yellow card he did not deserve and was sent off. As mentioned, these are not cases where the VAR can intervene. “What kind of law is this?”, Said Lampard with a sad smile, “they always talked about it, you can’t challenge a second yellow and stuff like that … someone really insists on this thing. “And make the right decision. It was not red. But I take responsibility for ourselves.”

The coach added: “We started very well and we can only blame ourselves. We played leisurely and took our time with the ball. Much of what happened today is our fault. All I can do on the lines is shout. There are elements in our game that we work hard on, but today we were “Slowly, we stayed behind and put pressure. We did not play well enough to win the cup.”

The numbers

* This is the 14th lift of Arsenal (the English Cup winner) and this is the seventh time in a row that it has won the final, since the loss to Liverpool in 2001.

* Three of these seven successful finals were in the derby against Chelsea: 2002, 2017 and 2020. This is the first time a team has beaten the same opponent three times in the finals.

* Pierre-Emerick Obmiang has become the first player in Arsenal’s history to score two consecutive doubles at Wembley, having also done so in the semi-final against Manchester City.

* At 31 and 44 days old, Obmiang is also the oldest player to score for Arsenal in the Cup final, since Bob John (33 and 80 days) in the 1932 final against Newcastle.

* Before Obmiang, the only player to score a double for Arsenal in the previous final was Raj Lewis, who did so in 1950.

* Mikel Arteta, who won trophies with Arsenal in 2014 and 2015 as a player, is celebrating a bachelor’s degree as a coach.

* Christian Polisic is the first American ever to score in the FA Cup final.

* Polisic’s goal was Chelsea’s fastest in the final, since Roberto Di Matteo found the net in the opening minute of the 1997 final against Middlesbrough.

* Matteo Kovacic is the sixth player to be eliminated in the English Cup final, when the previous one was also from Chelsea and against Arsenal: Victor Mozes in the 2017 final.

* Willie Cbajero is the oldest player to appear in a Chelsea uniform in the final, at 38 and 308 days old.


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