Arsenal beat Chelsea 1: 2 and won the 14th trophy in its history


  • 0′

    The game got underway. Who will win the trophy?

  • 3′

    Mount tried to surprise Martinez with a ball spun to the corner, but the goalkeeper headed to the corner at the last minute

  • 6′

    0: 1 to Chelsea! Mount put a ball into the box, Giro deflected to Policic who took advantage of Arsenal’s hesitant defense and bounced inside

  • What an opening. Polisic conquers (Photo: Reuters)

    Chelsea striker Christian Policic against Arsenal goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez (Photo: Reuters)

  • 19′

    Danny Sabaios tried his luck with a free kick from 20 yards out, but his ball was slightly higher above goal

  • 24′

    Obmiang scored a beautiful goal with an accurate kick from outside the box, but he was disqualified because Pepe had been different before

  • Chelsea player Marcus Alonso vs. Arsenal player Nicolas Pepe (GettyImages)

    Marcus Alonso precedes Nicolas Pepe (Photo: GettyImages)

    Chelsea player Marcos Alonso vs. Arsenal player Nicola Pepe (Photo: GettyImages)

  • 26′

    Penalty for Arsenal! Aspilikuata grabbed Obmiang in the box and saw yellow

  • 28′

    Captain Obmiang kicked to the corner and subdued Cbajero. Arsenal drew 1-1

  • Arsenal players celebrate with Pierre-Emerick Obmiang (left) (Reuters)

    Justified equality. Arsenal celebrates (Photo: Reuters)

    Arsenal players celebrate with Pierre-Emerick Obmiang (left) (Photo: Reuters)

  • 34′

    After causing a pendulum, Aspliquata stretched a muscle and went down in tears. Christensen replaced him

  • Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta comforts injured Chelsea player Cesar Espiliquata (Reuters)

    He also caused a penalty and was injured. Cesar Aspliquata (Photo: Reuters)

    Arsenal coach Michael Arteta comforts injured Chelsea player Cesar Espiliquata (Photo: Reuters)

  • 44′

    Arsenal increased the pressure on Chelsea’s goal before the break and also won a very dangerous free kick on the verge of extra-time. Lacassette bombed the stationary ball out

  • 44′

    Mount entered Sebaios and saw a yellow card

  • 46′

    The second half just got underway and Policic found himself in a very winking position, but just before the kick a muscle strain and injured

  • 48′

    Pedro came into Chelsea in place of the poor Polisic, who could not even walk on his own

  • Christian Polisic injured Chelsea player (Reuters)

    What misfortune. Polisic after the injury (Photo: Reuters)

    Christian Polisic injured Chelsea player (Photo: Reuters)

  • 53′

    Obmiang was left completely free at the edge of the box and received a ball on a tray from Mount, but instead of kicking he delayed and lost the ball.

  • 67′

    1: 2 to Arsenal. And who conquered? of course. The wonderful Obmiang once again was left free for Pepe’s delivery, easily passed Zuma and scored elegantly

  • Pierre-Emerick Obmiang Arsenal player conquers against Chelsea goalkeeper Willy Cbajero (Reuters)

    Great extension in front of the gate. Obmiang (Photo: Reuters)

    Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Obmiang conquers Chelsea goalkeeper Willie Cbajero (Photo: Reuters)

  • 72′

    Chelsea were left with ten players after Kovacic tripped Jacka and saw a second yellow. The trophy is on its way to Arsenal

  • 79′

    Lampard threw everything he had with a triple spare when he put in Barkley, Audrey and Abraham

  • 89′

    Barkley just came in and saw yellow

  • 100′

    The game is over. Arsenal hold the trophy for the 14th time!


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