Argenta is no longer completely free to bank


For the first time, Argenta is marketing banking services that are not free of charge for (normal) customers.

The Antwerp savings bank Argenta will be launching three new, paying account formulas early next year. These are in addition to the existing, free banking services that have been Argenta’s banner for years. Remarkable: it is the first time that Argenta has offered banking services that are not free of charge for the (normal) customer.

It is still unclear how much will have to be paid for those extras. According to The time would it be formulas that would cost 3 to 5 euros per month. “The paying packages are designed for customers who need specific services or products, such as a Golden credit card with higher credit limits and extra insurance,” Argenta says. It would be a policy for travel cancellations and fraud cover for online shopping.

Commercial director Inge Ampe emphasizes that nothing will change for the majority of Argenta customers. “We expect 85 percent of our customers to stick with the existing free offer.”

In its own words, Argenta remains’ the only bank with an extensive branch network that offers mobile and internet banking, a debit card and a standard credit card in the free package. Regardless of the package chosen, all customers can withdraw money from other banks for free and make instant transfers for free. The customer does not pay any additional costs for paper account statements, except for any postage costs. ‘

Argenta’s customers do not have to do anything for the time being. They will receive all the information from the bank in the autumn, “so that they can choose the package that suits them best”.


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