Argenta accounts are no longer all free



In the past, the Argenta bank has resolutely profiled itself as a “free” bank, but in the future a number of products will now still be paying. That writes De Tijd and is confirmed at Argenta. They still want to “bring the best price on the market”, it sounds.

Argenta refers to the persistently low interest rates, complex regulations and increasing investments in digitization as an explanation.

The new offer, from the beginning of next year, will consist of one free package and three paying packages, Argenta confirms Friday. It comes after an extensive survey of more than 5,000 consumers, both customers and non-customers. “The exact price and contents of the packages are still being worked on. This can be adjusted up to the last moment. After all, we want to make sure not only to keep the most comprehensive free package in the market, but also to offer the best price in the market for the paying packages. ”

Argenta expects that 85 percent of its customers will still opt for the free offer. This would include mobile and internet banking, a debit card and a standard credit card. Withdrawing money from other banks remains free and instant transfers also remain free. For paper account statements, the customer only pays any postage costs. Customers can also benefit from a very extensive branch network, it sounds.

The paying packages are mainly designed for customers who need specific services, such as a credit card with a higher limit or extra insurance. “These paying packages also strengthen Argenta for the future. They will allow us to offer new services to customers. Not every customer needs these services, which also cost money to Argenta. Think for example of Apple and Google Pay. That is why such optional services are included in a paid package. ”

Argenta also emphasizes that the packages are transparent and contain no hidden costs.

The offer will be communicated to the customer in the course of the autumn.


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