Are the Peaky Blinders hairstyles historically accurate?


Bee Peaky Blinders you will immediately think of violence, whiskey, stylish suits and of course the iconic hairstyles. The series is full of shaved heads and that has had a significant impact on the current street scene. Everywhere you now see men with a genuine Peaky Blinders haircut. We applaud it, but are these hairstyles actually historically accurate?

What actually is it Peaky Blindershaircut? Most importantly, the back and sides are shaved and the top longer. How much longer differs per hairstyle. The way the hair is shaved also varies. From the same length everywhere to a subtle transition. Better known as a fade.

Are the hairstyles in Peaky Blinders historically accurate?

In addition, you can also vary in the way you wear this hairstyle. Tight with a shiny pomade like Arthur Shelby or less styled and forward like Tommy. Everything is possible. As long as the back and sides are nice and short. That’s how a real one Peaky Blinder walks with it. At least, in the series.

Peaky Blinders kapsel
Do you wear ’em like Arthur or Tommy? (Image: BBC)

Does this image correspond with reality? Hell yes. The makers of Peaky Blinders have looked well in the history books. From the street scene to the clothing and therefore also the hairstyles. Most of everything you see is accurate. The well-known hairstyle was very popular with working-class men at the time.

An important side note is that the hairstyles are only correct if you look at the time in which the series is set, but that they have little else to do with the Peaky Blinders themselves. According to historians, this gang was no longer active at the time the series is set. At the time, the term Peaky Blinder was still used for criminals, but the gang itself was no longer active.

Where does the Peaky Blinders haircut come from?

The haircut itself is also not from Birmingham, but from Glasgow. Just after the First World War, petty criminals (known as Neds) started shaving their hair. Short on the back and sides and long on top. This trend then spread to the South and ended up in Birmingham.

Peaky Blinders kapsel
Arthur sometimes changed styles. (Image: BBC)

Initially, the haircut was especially popular in criminal circles because it was practical. long hair was clumsy in street fights. Shaving it did not bother you and you did not have to go completely bald immediately. So it is not surprising that you often use the hairstyle Peaky Blinders see passing by.


This inadvertently made criminals trendsetters. It was not long before other circles of society also embraced the Peaky Blinders hairstyle. Especially in the twenties and thirties of the twentieth century, the haircut became increasingly popular in the higher social classes.

It stayed that way for a long time, but you know how it goes with fashion. At one point, the hairstyle disappeared from the streets. Now, thanks to the series, the coupe is back again, although the trend is becoming dated. If you want to switch to a Peaky Blinders hairstyle yourself. read here what to ask your hairdresser.

Mistake in Peaky Blinders

Although the makers have done their utmost to Peaky Blinders in terms of style as historically accurate as possible, this has not been entirely successful. Watchful viewers have discovered an error that reappears in just about every episode. You can read what that is exactly here.

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Are the Peaky Blinders hairstyles historically accurate?


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