Approved in advance of the law to defer the state budget – policy news and politics


The Knesset plenum today (Wednesday) approved in a preliminary reading the bill to postpone the date of approval of the state budget by one hundred days.

56 Knesset members voted in favor of the law, 41 opposed. The Torah Judaism faction was absent from the vote. MK Gafni was present in the plenum but abstained.

The bill’s presenter, MK Zvi Hauser (Derech Eretz), explained its need to calm the coalition crisis: “In 12 days, the Knesset of Israel will be dissolved. Only 88 days ago, we stood here and pledged to the citizens of Israel to put the disputes between us aside. We are committed to working together, working for them and above all – to bring the gospel of unity to the people.

” And I ask myself and you here today – did we charge the public? Have we lied, God forbid? “We promised and we promised and we promised and the public asks us today where those promises of the entire political system that promised to put ego and politics aside and concentrate on resolving the crisis have disappeared.”

Hauser criticized the politicians who prefer elections but did not mention Shemen, “You are trying to threaten and take Israel to further elections. You are naive to think that you will get a different result than the one we got in the previous three rounds. Say, who will believe you? You want to wreak havoc on the trust between the public and its elected officials. ”

According to Hauser, “This government is not perfect but it is the only solution. The absolute majority of the citizens of Israel is the silent majority – he is not in the demonstrations, and does not shout in the streets, but he does not want elections. ”

Communications Minister MK Yoaz Handel explained: “In the midst of all the political chaos, this is an important step in calming the winds. I call on my Knesset members to vote the same way in the second and third readings and to pass the law.

” A postponement is required in any case to pass a budget and on the way to solving the problems in the government. The State of Israel does not need elections now. It is against the national interest. Three times we sent the citizens of Israel to the polls, and we got one result: a unity government. Those who vote against want elections because of personal considerations. The State of Israel and its citizens are a lower priority for him. It’s time to take responsibility, ‘Handel added.


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