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Phil Schiller takes a step back. The man who was responsible for all marketing worldwide (and the App Store) at Apple is making way for Greg Joswiak. Joswiak, formerly head of product marketing, will take over Schiller’s position as Apple’s general marketing manager.

Schiller, whose career with the computer manufacturer started in 1987, doesn’t quite stop. He remains responsible for the App Store and is also an Events Manager. The virtual WWDC 2020, which was a great success this year, was led by him, among others.

New honorary title for Phil Schiller

Phil Schiller also becomes Apple Fellow. This is an honorary title that very few people have. Bill Atkinson, Alan Kay, Guy Kawasaki, and Steve Wozniak are among the lucky ones, but strangely, Jony Ive isn’t. The Apple Fellow title rewards individuals who have made exceptional technical or management contributions within Apple.

“Phil made sure that Apple has become the company it is today,” said Tim Cook in the statement. “His contribution has been enormous,” continues the CEO. And it is correct. That Apple has become this juggernaut is largely thanks to Phil Schiller. After all, he stayed with Apple for better and for worse. 60-year-old Schiller can now take it a bit easier, but retirement is not yet in it. After all, there are a lot of antitrust investigations going to the App Store, and that’s still one of Schiller’s responsibilities.

The marketing man has also turned out to be a good presenter in recent years. He has unveiled many new Apple product during keynotes. However, he has already taken a step back in recent years. Apple then started putting a lot more people on stage to present in the keynotes.

Some of Phil Schiller’s presentations are now legendary. Think of “Can’t innovate anymore? My ass! ” during the unveiling of the Mac Pro in 2013 and naming “Courage” when removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7. It has always been special for a marketing person to be able to talk about technology so well.

Greg Joswiak is not a marketing lead

Greg Joswiak, the former vice president responsible for product marketing, takes over from Schiller. He is very familiar with the ins and outs of Apple, as he has worked for the company for twenty years. Previously, he was responsible for the marketing of the iPod and iPhone. Joswiak is not as pronounced a personality as Schiller. Like Tim Cook, he falls into the ‘modest gray mouse’ category.

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