Apple removes tens of thousands of apps from the App Store


Apple intervenes and removes quite a few apps from the App Store.

Apple, but also Google, are very strict about what comes in their own app stores. You have a list full of requirements and conditions to be able to launch an app in such a store. This has been done to ensure the privacy and security of users, among other things. However, it often happens that apps come into the stores that cannot get through. In that context, Apple has intervened and once again carried out major cleaning in the digital store.

The major cleaning took place in the App Store of China. According to research agency Qimai, the American tech company has deleted nearly 30,000 apps. The vast majority (over 26,000) involved games that were removed. These are apps that do not comply with a license from the Chinese authorities.

Apple gave app makers time to comply with that Chinese license by the end of June. The license is about the application of in-app arrive. Mostly popular with mobile games. Apparently, yesterday, August 1, Apple found it high time to broom through it and remove apps from the App Store that aren’t licensed. That turned out to be many thousands. (via Reuters)


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