Apple is releasing a new 27-inch iMac with CPU and GPU upgrade


Apple’s new iMac, which will be available starting this week, will receive an upgrade in CPU and GPU performance. Under the hood, the tenth generation Comet Lake processor can be found, just like an AMD Radeon Pro 5000 series GPU.

The standard configuration of the new 27-inch iMac includes a six- or eight-core Intel CPU, but can be upgraded to a 10-core i9, from the range Intel presented earlier this year. With a boost clock of 5Ghz, that would be sufficient for an improvement of up to 65% in performance when using certain applications, according to Apple. The memory capacity has been increased to 128 gigabytes.

In terms of graphics, the new iMac will use AMD’s latest GPUs, the Radeon Pro 5000 series, a similar version of which could already be added to the 2020 MacBook Pro. The default choices are the 5500XT and 5700 with 8 gigabytes of graphics memory each, but can be upgraded to the 5700XT with 16 gig. According to Apple, the latter is accompanied by an improvement of more than fifty percent over previous models.

Each 27-inch iMac comes standard with half a terabyte of SSD storage, but can be expanded to 8 terabytes. There is also an option to add a 10 Gigabit Ethernet connection. Finally, the iMac is also shipped with an Apple T2 Security Chip, which should significantly improve data security.

Support for Intel iMacs guaranteed

Offering an option for a ten-core CPU may be a reason for some to switch, but others will doubt it. After all, Intel chips seem to be replaced by Apple’s own CPUs in the near future. However, the tech giant believes that that transition will take a while (about two years) and guarantees that support for Intel-iMacs will continue for years.


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