Apple and Google take on Fortnite | Financial


Epic had prepared well for its attack on Apple and Google. Shortly after the two companies removed Fortnite, the games maker filed suit against them for abusing their monopoly positions. In the suit against Apple, Epic cited a well-known 1984 advertisement of the iPhone maker, in which Apple presented itself as a challenger against an imminent IBM dominance in the computer market. Fortnite also made a video that parodies that advertisement. In the lawsuit against Google, the games company is targeting the well-known motto of the search giant from its earliest days: Don’t Be Evil.

The removal of the apps from the download stores of Apple and Google does not mean that Fortnite players will no longer be able to start the game. It does mean that new players can no longer download it there. On Android, Google’s operating system, there are also other options for downloading the game. Epic can no longer provide Fortnite with updates on both iOS and Android.

Pressure medium

Epic is betting that the popularity of Fortnite has given it a leverage with Apple and Google. It has already warned its players that the removal may prevent them from playing the next season of Fortnite.

Apple and Google have been under fire for some time because of the substantial contribution they ask software makers to place articles in their app stores. For example, Apple is being investigated by the European Commission after complaints from, among others, streaming service Spotify. The Swedish company told American journalist Peter Kafka to encourage Epic Games’ decision to take a stand against Apple.


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