Apple and Facebook are arguing about games


“Don’t worry, it’s just a game”: it doesn’t apply to Facebook and Apple. They are arguing about the app store policy within iOS. This forced Facebook to launch its new app Facebook Gaming without games.

Facebook Gaming

When Microsoft pulled the plug on Mixer a few weeks ago, it also said the platform was transitioning to Facebook Gaming. A good time for Facebook to do a little more with its gaming app. After months of haggling, the app has finally been made available on iOS, but not completely.

Apple has a fairly strict policy when it comes to games. This forced Facebook to launch Gaming without games. Now it also has other options, such as watching game streams, but it is still strange that the whole minigame part is missing. Especially because it can be found on Android.

“Unfortunately, we had to remove gameplay functionality altogether to get Apple’s permission on the Facebook Gaming app. So yes, iOS users have a less good experience than Android users, ”Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg told The Verge.

Watch streams

She says they will continue to do their best to build communities for the more than 380 million (!) People who play games on the social medium every month. Despite Apple, which has repeatedly discontinued the Facebook Gaming app in recent months. That’s mainly because the two tech powers don’t seem to agree on whether Facebook Gaming’s primary purpose is to play games, or not? Facebook says it’s nonsense: Facebook Gamings figures on Android show that 95 percent of usage is to watch streams.

Facebook also says that Apple does not always succeed in answering. Sometimes Facebook tried to challenge the decision, but got 0 on the case. Now Facebook has finally decided to give Apple users who want to watch streams of games at least what they want, especially because that also appears to be the most popular of the app. Still, it is clearly very disappointed that those minigames cannot be part of the Facebook Gaming experience on Apple’s products.

Apple versus Facebook

By the way, there is a bit of history that has annoyed Facebook: the Facebook app and the Messenger app also had to kill games for iOS. Facebook believes that this affects not only Facebook, but users and developers as well. Especially the latter should kick Apple’s leg, since for example with Apple Arcade it always indicates that it wants to be there for developers.

Apple also indicates that it has difficulty in not being able to approve the games that appear within such a game app. However, it seems a fallacy: after all, it also offers a Netflix app in which all kinds of unscreened content is placed.


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