Appeals Court overturns ‘Boston Marathon Bomber’ death penalty …


The death penalty for Dzjochar Tsarnajev, who attacked the Boston marathon in 2013, needs to be reconsidered. That’s what a federal appeals court in Boston decided.

The appeals court annulled only the part of the judgment that relates to the charges that could lead to the death penalty. The penalty for those offenses should therefore be reviewed.

The court emphasized that Tsarnajev will spend the rest of his life in prison anyway. “The only question that remains open is whether the government will end his life by having him executed,” the statement of the statement said.

As a reason for scrapping the death penalty, reference is made to some irregularities in the selection of the jury members. Two of the sworn would already have been convinced in advance of Tsarnaev’s fault.

“The court was unable to establish bias or bias by refusing to ask potential judges substantive questions about what they had read and heard” about the case, the court said.

Dzjochar Tsarnajev, now 27, dropped two homemade bombs along the marathon track in Boston with his brother Tamerlan on April 15, 2013. Three people were killed and more than 260 injured. He was sentenced to death in June 2015. His brother had died a few days after the attack in a shootout with the police.


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