App offers private numbers Dutch for sale, including politicians | NOW


The Lusha app offers access for money to the private contact details of Dutch people, including various Dutch politicians, reporters and influencers. That reports Faithful Monday morning.

Lusha is an American app that claims to provide contact information for business-to-business use and fraud prevention. In practice, this means that the app actively collects online contact details and bundles them for paying users. The data is shown when someone accesses the social media profile of any person.

Such apps are common in the United States, where privacy laws are less strict. Many of these services, such as SocialCatfish, cannot be used in Europe because, according to the creators, they violate the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

However, Lusha also appears to be active in Europe and even offers the mobile numbers of famous Dutch people, according to Faithful. With a request to the app, the data can be removed, but the creator makes no attempt to notify people of the presence of their contact information on the platform.

On its website, Lusha writes that the service does not violate the GDPR, because it would promote the interest of companies in the fight against fraud. Therefore, the company would not need permission to collect contact data.


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