Aon: ‘Pension funds have difficult years ahead’ | Money


Aon writes this in her monthly Pension Thermometer. As in July, the average funding ratio, the financial indicator, of the Dutch pension funds was 93%.

The policy funding ratio, the average of the funding ratios of the previous twelve months, is now on average at 95%. That is above the required, adjusted discount limit of 90%.

Premium increases

Pension funds have been struggling for some time, resulting in premium increases or lower pensions. “Towards 2021, many funds will see a premium increase or further cutbacks in the plan,” Aon said.

Until pension funds actually switch to the new contract, many funds will continue to experience low interest rates, resulting in a higher premium or lower accrual, ”said Frank Driessen, CEO of Aon Retirement & Investment.

Pension agreement

Driessen notes that this may mean that pension funds will switch more quickly to the new pension contract, which will officially only start in 2026. In that contract, the interest is no longer so decisive for the financial health of a pension fund.


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