Antwerp residents go to second home in Middelkerke to qu … (Middelkerke)


Middelkerke –
Two people from Antwerp who tested positive for the coronavirus have moved to their second residence in Middelkerke to be quarantined there. The mayor of Middelkerke, Jean-Marie Dedecker not amused. “We are powerless,” it sounds.

The news is confirmed by Acting Governor of West Flanders Anne Martens and Mayor Jean-Marie Dedecker. Dedecker happened to be notified of the incident but is legally unable to do anything to send people back home. Martens urges positively tested persons and persons with symptoms to absolutely stay at home.

Two infected persons from the province of Antwerp are currently staying in their second residence in Middelkerke. “It has come to my attention that they have come to serve their quarantine here,” says Mayor Dedecker. The mayor then contacted acting governor Anne Martens. Apparently I can’t do anything about this situation legally. I can’t send them home and basically they can just walk around here. We are powerless ”, says Dedecker.

In the meantime, Martens calls for an absolute home stay if you are ill. “It is really not the intention to pull the quarantine out to sea. In this way, the infections spread. If you are sick, have symptoms or test positive, stay at home. ”


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