Antwerp residents’ complaint against curfew is taking shape


The group of ten Antwerpers who want to go to war against the curfew that came into effect in the province last week, has a petition ready for the Council of State. They are requesting suspension of the measure because a curfew in our country would be “by definition unconstitutional” and “only judges can rob us of our freedom under strict conditions and with the supervision of lawyers”.

The petition of the ‘group of ten’ is submitted by Dirk Melis, CEO of Melis Events and member of the Dessel local party D&W, who previously announced that he will challenge the Antwerp corona measures. “The rule is absurd, especially for small municipalities and municipalities adjacent to the province,” says Melis. “One café can serve four places and has to close at 11 pm, while a street further down the other can place another ten and open until 1 o’clock. This encourages frustration and unfair competition, resulting in all the dramas. ”

Prohibition of gathering instead of curfew

Curfew in the province of Antwerp is the first similar measure to be widely applied in our country since World War II. “Issued by a provincial governor without such authority, who is defended by a power of attorney that is not linked to the election results,” the complainants said. “A curfew that in terms of implementation can count on mayors who are also increasingly allocated power. A curfew that does not find any motivation in its application in terms of proportionality. All this without our country having a state of emergency, without any legal supervision. ”

The ‘group of ten’ says it should not underestimate the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic and argues in favor of gathering bans as an alternative to curfew.


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