Antwerp residents are not allowed to exercise in Mechelen


It is now prohibited for residents of the city of Antwerp and the surrounding municipalities to exercise in Mechelen. Mayor Alexander Vandersmissen made that decision on Saturday evening after it turned out that Antwerpers came to exercise en masse in the Dijlestad.

The fitness centers in the city of Antwerp and in the surrounding municipalities severely affected by the coronavirus flare-up have been closed since this week. That decision was made by Governor Cathy Berx to stem the spread of the virus. A few days later, however, it appears that many Antwerpers go to the fitness centers in Mechelen to come and exercise. Mechelen mayor Alexander Vandersmissen (VLD-Groen-m +) is now putting a stop to this.

“By coming to Mechelen to exercise, these people from Antwerp bypass the police regulation of earlier this week, which of course cannot be the intention,” says Vandersmissen. ‘Police findings and reports on social media showed that Antwerpers indeed came to exercise in Mechelen. I have therefore not hesitated to draw up a decision that forbids this for the time being. The police will visit all fitness centers this weekend and check whether the rules are being followed on the basis of the registration data. ‘

“The people of Mechelen are making enormous efforts to comply with the measures imposed by the provincial governor,” says Vandersmissen. ‘As a mayor, I cannot tolerate that these efforts are nullified in this way. I therefore call on everyone to adhere to the measures and not to look for loopholes. ”

Antwerp residents have not only come to the gym in recent days, but also in masses. Earlier, three fitness centers in the Flemish region of Beveren also banned Antwerp residents after they were flooded with requests.


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