Antwerp gives green light to team and contact sports | coronavirus


Antwerp provincial governor Cathy Berx has adjusted the corona measures. And that means good news for team and contact sports: organized sports activities with up to 50 people are possible again, with mutual contact.

After two weeks of stricter measures in the province of Antwerp, the corona figures show improvement: “A few weeks ago the reproduction number was 2. For the first time in a long time it is below 1, namely 0.99”, provincial governor Cathy Berx said.

She made some adjustments – “no relaxation” – to the corona measures. Sports in an organized context can again be done according to the sectoral protocols. In concrete terms, the light will therefore be green again for team and contact sports.

Sports in an organized group

  • Organized sports activities are allowed with a maximum of 50 people. A sports coach must be present for this group.
  • During the sports activities, the distance of 1.5 meters between athletes in the bubble is not mandatory and contact is again possible. Nevertheless, you are asked to keep “as much” distance as possible.
  • In sports competitions, social distancing between the participants should not be guaranteed. 200 athletes can participate in a sports competition. Permission from the local government is required for more than 200 participants.
  • Showers and changing rooms in the sports facilities will remain closed, with the exception of swimming pools. This also applies to fitness centers.

Group sports in a non-organized context

  • Sports in a non-organized context is allowed with your own social bubble with contact. That means with a maximum of 5 people in addition to your family (children under 12 years old not included).
  • Sports in a non-organized context is also allowed with a maximum of 10 other people without contact. With them you respect the distance and hygiene guidelines. Contact sports are therefore not possible.
  • Squash, padel or doubles in tennis or badminton are in a non-organized context only possible with people from their own family or the regular contacts of their own family, because the distance of one and a half meters cannot be guaranteed.


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