Antwerp eases a bit: fitness centers open again, but curfew remains


At a news conference in the county house, Governor Cathy Berx announced that the fitness centers in the province may reopen under strict conditions. There was also nuance about the mouth masks. Curfew seems to be maintained until further notice.

Berx first spoke extensively about the respiratory mask obligation during intensive sports and heavy work. Those regulations are being adjusted somewhat. “You should not wear a mouth and nose mask if you exercise intensively or do heavy work and the risk of transmission is virtually nonexistent,” said Berx.

Mouth mask for athletes

In doing so, she again emphasized the need for a good mouth and nose mask. “It is useless to wear a mouth mask and not cover the nose.” In the meantime, 502 fines have been issued for failing to comply with health measures, including the mask obligation and failure to observe the curfew.

“It has been the longest week of my life,” Berx had started the press conference. Not least because there was a storm of questions, especially about sports. The fitness centers, which had to close, for example, were furious. They may now reopen.


“Sports in fitness centers is permitted in accordance with the very strict interpretation of the protocol for fitness centers of July 29, 2020, on the understanding that each club displays the correct information regarding the surface of the case in a visible and visible manner,” Berx said. “It should be clear at all times how many people are in the fitness center.”

Berx also underlined that the fitness centers themselves had tightened the protocols and that the necessary tightening is the precondition for reopening. Those who do not follow the rules will have to close for 14 days.


The curfew, which keeps Antwerpers in between half past eleven and six o’clock, is currently still in effect. Berx emphasized that this is ‘really necessary’. Although the number of Covid-19 cases in the city center is starting to level off, the epidemic is now moving east. We are still away from a decline.

It is not yet clear whether the Antwerp and Mechelen matches can continue this weekend. Berx passed on the responsibility to Flemish Minister of Sport Ben Weyts (N-VA).

Source: BusinessAM


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