Antwerp adjusts measures against corona: curfew will be …


Antwerp is adjusting some measures in the fight against the new corona virus. The curfew will become a night clock and the catering industry may open again until 1 am. Little changes in terms of face masks.

Curfew is going to be one night clock throughout the province. Antwerp residents must stay indoors between 1.30 am and 5 am. ‘That is necessary to avoid all after parties and parties,’ says Berx.

‘It has been found that restricting the use of public space at night effectively contributes to respecting the ban on gathering together and parties and gatherings after the catering industry has closed.’

Of horeca may remain open again up to 1 hour, just like in the rest of the country. The ‘tables of four’ will be abolished again. People are allowed to go to a restaurant or café with their own household and their bubble of five, with a maximum of ten. ‘Private parties and receptions with more than ten people, your family and five regular people, will of course remain prohibited.’ The sale of alcohol between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. will also remain prohibited.

Wearing one mondmaskers remains mandatory in public spaces, on public transport, in shops, on markets and in libraries, ‘but not at places and times when the risk of transmission is virtually excluded’.

Berx made an opening for the culture sector. ‘Professionally organized public events to which an approved sector protocol applies, as well as public events that meet the same conditions, are now possible again.’ Berx speaks of ‘small-scale art and culture activities’. The local security cell is considering this.

‘Extraordinarily deep’

Berx started the press conference with an explanation of what Antwerp had to endure in recent weeks. ‘August is the month in which we are all going extremely deep together, that is grueling, very grueling. Corona and covid-19 have led to physical distance, but also psychological and mental distance between people and sectors. ‘

“Nevertheless, the drastic measures have led to rapid and necessary behavioral changes,” she continued. ‘The pressure on healthcare is slowly but surely diminishing. Thanks to you, the number of infections stabilizes and the curve slowly curves. But unfortunately, we are not there yet. Now the message remains persistent, especially with the imminent return of holidaymakers from red and orange zones. ‘

The governor gave an overview of the epidemiological situation: ‘A few weeks ago the reproduction number was 2. For the first time in a long time it is below 1, namely 0.99. That’s encouraging, but we’re not there. The provincial curve is curving faster than anywhere else in the country. The strong growth has stopped, but there is no real decline yet. We still see many positive tests in some neighborhoods. There is still work to be done. ‘


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