Antivirus developer McAfee arrested for using string as m …


He is known as the man who became a millionaire by developing the McAfee antivirus package for your computer, but John McAfee has strange ways of protecting himself against the coronavirus. Instead of a mouth mask, the former McAfee developer wore a thong over his mouth and nose while traveling.

According to the man, he was therefore arrested by the police and had to spend hours in a cell. He later announced via social media that he was detained for a total of 14 hours and was harshly dealt with in his arrest. To prove the latter, he also posted a photo with his message where he can be seen with a black eye.

It is not the first time that McAFee, a real eccentric who likes to show off weapons and young women, has ended up in prison. For example, the police of the Dominican Republic found weapons on his yacht last year. He was previously linked to the murder of an American in Belize, but no evidence has ever been found.


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