Anti-homo violence in asylum seekers’ center: Woman doused with boiling water | Inland


According to the LGBT Asylum support foundation, which assists the woman, the target of the attack was a friend of the victim. “The attacker, also from Nigeria, actually tried to throw the water over the other lesbian woman and her eighteen-month-old son,” said chairman Sandro Kortekaas. “Her friend jumped in to protect them and now has large second-degree burns to the right of her armpit beyond her buttock.”

Homosexuality taboo in Nigeria

Kortekaas: “During the violent crime, it was repeatedly said that they are ‘two stupid lesbians’. Also, a man shouted that homosexuality is a taboo in Nigeria and threatened to break the lesbian couple’s legs and arms. After the woman poured the water over the victim, she said she was glad she did. ”

The injuries have left the woman scarred for life, says Kortekaas. “In addition, we seriously charge the Central Agency for the reception of asylum seekers that they did not immediately help the woman medically. The woman was sent away because she lived in another asylum seekers’ center. ”

With burns on the train

“After that, the Nigerian victim could do nothing but ‘just’ take the train to the other side of the Netherlands, while she can barely walk or sit,” says the chairman. “It is unimaginable that this can happen. How can you make a vulnerable LGBTI asylum seeker, victim of a serious crime, with first and second degree burns on the entire right side of her body, make a journey of almost five hours? “

COA denies that. “We immediately provided first aid at the location,” says a spokesman. “The woman left on her own accord. We take this matter very seriously and are conducting a careful investigation. ”


In the meantime, the victim is trying to rehabilitate. “She is in a lot of pain, painkillers were not enough,” says Kortekaas. “Only now is the realization of what the coming period will look like. It hits really hard. ” Kortekaas filed a report with the victim, which will be signed tomorrow.

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