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Tells this newspaper Anouk that the two amok makers sat several rows behind her, across the aisle. “At some point, they started to challenge people and one of them pushed a woman. Her husband went completely crazy and he pumped him full on his nose. The blood gushed out. “

The model and presenter was in the presence of her husband, a society photographer Edwin Smulders, daughter Bo and son Max. “My children shouted that they wanted to get out. Bo turned white and was shaking all over. During the landing, one of the bare-chested men was walking down the aisle. His body was covered with blood. Well, good with corona – especially now. He really challenged everyone, and we said to our children, ‘Don’t look at him, don’t look at him.’ ”

Bad movie

A few rows before the family went wrong and the man ran into ‘the wrong one’. “There he also challenged people again. He started to push, after which a mega-fighting party started. And before he knew it, five men sat on top of him. It’s really like being in a bad movie, it’s terrible. ”

Several travelers of the flight joined Sunday The Telegraph reported after a video of the big fight ended up on the internet. “They had such a sealed bag with them that you shouldn’t open it during the flight. The bottle was as good as empty, ”said passenger Stef from Ibiza. “They were probably also stiff with drugs. One was bouncing, the other had to calm it down. They were pawing against other passengers throughout the flight; they seemed threatening. At one point, someone was completely done with it. He hit him on the nose to bleed. After that, he was put on his back by others with a tie wrap, as shown in the video. ”


Some travelers are concerned that the idea that escalation was only due to the refusal of a face mask has arisen. “Just before landing, two bottles were only taken, they were already empty at the time. One of those boys wouldn’t put on his belt. During the landing he stood up again and walked around. He looked very aggressive, was clearly also under the influence of drugs and in a fight, ”said one of the passengers.

After arrival, the two burden suits were immediately picked up by the Spanish authorities. KLM has sent an email to all passengers on the chaotic flight. “We regret the incident and the impact it may have had on you. (…) We are very sorry that this situation has arisen. ” Travelers can contact the airline if necessary. KLM also thanks the travelers who assisted the cabin crew during the flight. Flight safety has not been endangered according to the company.

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