Another weather record: hottest August 9 ever recorded


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People who wanted to cool down and relax on the coast were strongly advised in several languages ​​to take a bicycle or public transport. According to a spokesperson for the municipality, The Hague’s coastline is long enough to receive many people there without violating the corona rules. The problem was that many people wanted to go to the coast at the same time by car. Among other things, this causes nuisance in the neighborhoods along the coast.

That is why the access roads to Scheveningen and Kijkduin were already temporarily closed on Sunday morning, except for public transport and emergency services. Motorists were sent back. “Go to a quieter area or come back another time,” said the municipality.

Showing respect

We also had a weather record on Saturday, with the hottest August 8 since the start of the KNMI weather measurements in 1901. People flocked to the sea this weekend. Motorists in particular also caused many problems on the coast of The Hague on Saturday. At that time, according to the municipality, they would too often show ‘unacceptable’ behavior, including towards traffic controllers. That was a ‘blemish’ on a beautiful summer day, according to Deputy Mayor Hilbert Bredemeijer from The Hague on Saturday evening.

The Deputy Mayor asked visitors on Saturday to show ‘respect’ for the hard-working emergency services who do their best in a difficult situation to ensure that people can have a good day. With a few more tropical days ahead, Bredemeijer also urged beachgoers not to come to the coast by car. Travel consciously and bring common sense. This also applies if you go home later or tonight. Preferably do this when it is quieter again. In any case, take into account the residents of our coastal neighborhoods and the employees of our emergency services. ‘

Noordwijk and Wassenaar

Coastal municipalities in the region were also very busy on the roads to the beach on Sunday. At the end of the morning there was often no space left in the parking spaces. Like in Wassenaar. “The parking lots at the Wassenaarse Slag are full,” said the municipality of Wassenaar. That is why roads were closed here too. Follow the directions of the traffic wardens. The municipality is making an urgent appeal not to come by car to the Wassenaar beach. ‘ The same was true for Noordwijk. There, the municipal parking lots were full. The call was to take a shuttle to the beach.

‘Structural measures’

The largest party in the Hague city council, Hart voor Den Haag, believes that the municipality should take structural measures to increase the accessibility of the coast. According to faction leader Richard de Mos, the ‘anti-car policy’ of the recent city councils is the cause of the ‘poor accessibility’ of the beach. ‘Road narrows, the removal of parking spaces, planned parking garages to be canceled and a traffic circulation plan from 2016 that – as predicted – has only made the situation worse.’

In the short term, many more P&R facilities must be added – such as at the ADO stadium or at the Malieveld – with fast connections to and from Scheveningen. Consideration must also be given to dynamic one-way traffic, for example on the Van Alkemadelaan. On busy summer days there is one-way traffic to Scheveningen in the morning and at the end of the afternoon, one-way traffic from Scheveningen. For the longer term, De Mos wants a new Scheveningen traffic plan.

Incidentally, the warm weather and the crowds do not lead to a frustrated reaction for everyone. It actually inspires others to poetry.


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