Another unexpected departure from American top official


Stephen Akard, the Inspector General of the United States Department of State, is resigning from office. The unexpected departure comes just months after the dismissal of his predecessor, Steve Linick, who investigated Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

US President Donald Trump fired Linick in May after a breach of trust. Linick, who was still appointed by Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama, conducted an investigation into complaints about Pompeo’s abuse of power from his position as Secretary-General of the United States Department of State.

Pompeo is said to have regularly used the government plane for private trips abroad with his wife and to have a political assistant do all kinds of chores, such as shopping or picking up the dog. The agency is also investigating the US Congressional complaint against Pompeo’s decision to close an $ 8 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for the war in Yemen. The report about the latter would be almost finished, the American news channel CNN knows.

Stephen Akard, a former assistant to Vice President Mike Pence, got hold of the investigation after Linick. But he quits unexpectedly now, it became known on Wednesday. He is returning to the private sector, says a spokesman for the Foreign Affairs department. “He’s returning home,” Pompeo said during a news conference. “That happens, I have nothing more to add to that.”

Akard is replaced by his deputy, Diana Shaw, a lawyer who has worked for the Inspector General’s office for a long time.


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