Another night of tension in the north: IDF attacks in Syria


The Air Force attacks targets in the Syrian Golan Heights and the Damascus area. A rare official announcement by the Syrian army. View documentation

The IDF confirmed last night (Monday) that fighter jets, helicopters and aircraft of the Air Force attacked Syrian army targets in the south of the country. According to the announcement, the attack is in response to the bombing that was foiled last night in the southern Golan Heights. For the first time in a month, the cabinet will discuss events on the northern border and conduct a security assessment.

In an announcement, the IDF Spokesman detailed the targets he attacked, including observation posts, means of collection and intelligence, an anti-aircraft cannon, means of command and control, and Syrian army bases. The statement said that the IDF considers the Syrian regime responsible for any action taken on its territory and will continue to act against any violation of the sovereignty of the State of Israel.

Rarely, last night, close to the time of the incident, an official statement was issued by a source in the Syrian army: “Tonight at 10:40, Israeli aircraft launched a missile attack on targets on the border in Quneitra. Limited property damage was caused.”

For long minutes, echoes of explosions were heard in the Golan Heights, especially in the north. Before that there was a lively air traffic in the north. The Syrian state news agency, Sanaa, quoted a Syrian military source as saying that “around 10:40 PM, Israeli combat helicopters attacked several sites on the border in the Quneitra area with several rocket barrages. Only damage was done.” At the same time, almost at the same time, there were reports of an attack in the al-Bukhmal area in eastern Syria.

According to initial estimates in Israel, Hezbollah is not behind the terrorist cell that placed explosives inside Israeli territory and was eliminated last night in the southern Golan Heights.

Northern Command General Amiram Levin on the incident: Despite the IDF’s focus on the Lebanese border, we saw that our forces were prepared ahead of time on the Syrian border. It is highly likely that it comes from Hezbollah, which disguises it through Shiite militias.

A missile on its way to a target in Syria. Photo: Arab networks

Prior to the attack, the IDF Spokesman published additional details from the scene of the incident between Sunday and Monday on the Syrian border, as well as documentation of the explosives discovered at the site. According to the army, a tour of the site revealed a bag 25 meters from the system.

Between Sunday and Monday night, a squad of 4 terrorists was killed on the Syrian border, after the IDF identified them trying to plant explosives. In the morning, IDF forces neutralized the explosives on the ground.

Simultaneously with the incident in Syria, tensions continue on the Lebanese border, where a Hezbollah attack on Mount Dov was thwarted last week. At the time, the IDF refrained from responding after the incident in Lebanese territory and did not even publish the documentation of the incident, contrary to the rapid publication of the documentation in last night’s incident in Syria, as well as the attack on Assad’s targets in response.

Earlier today, Netanyahu referred to tensions in the north, in what now seems to be a response to an attack carried out in the last hour: “We are not resting for a moment on security. The IDF thwarted an attempt to sabotage the Syrian front. We will harm anyone who tries to harm us and anyone who harms us – this principle applies. ”


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