Another new blow for Wendy van Dijk


This Robert, owner of the Disq name (the device that his former company with Wendy was built around), started a new company after Wendy went without it, according to the website Bekendeburen.

Wendy and Robbert in better times:


Well-knownburen has discovered that Robbert has started a new company, because on July 14th he registered a new company with the Chamber of Commerce under the name Disq Club BV with the aim of ‘exploiting a fitness company’“According to the site. It is therefore salient that Robbert continues to use the Disq name because he has those rights in his hands. What Wendy’s new company will be called is still unclear.”To date, there is no trace of a company under the name ‘Wendy’s Club’.

Mud throwing

A while ago, former business partners Robbert and Wendy ended up in a position after they allegedly wanted to do completely different (sexy) things with their then joint company. Subsequently, all kinds of things leaked about the resulting legal battle, interfered Obesecoach Radmilo even agreed with it and Wendy had to defend himself. Now that they both go their separate ways, the arguing is hopefully over! Although: Wendy cannot use the Disq name for her new business, according to Knownburen, and she will not like that …


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