Another incident in Yitzhar: Stones and bottles of paint were thrown at a Border Police force


Stones and bottles of paint were thrown today (Thursday) at Border Police fighters, during a shift exchange of the forces stationed at Yitzhar. There are no casualties in the incident, which joins a number of recent incidents in the area between settlers and security forces in Yitzhar. In fact, this is the fourth time such an incident has occurred since the evacuation of the outpost in Yitzhar.

Venue (Photo: Police Spokeswoman)

In an incident that took place yesterday, a Border Police officer was lightly injured by a stone thrown at the settlers in Yitzhar. The background to the incident was the evacuation of illegally erected wooden structures.

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MK Bezalel Smutrich (right) said in an interview on 103FM that “the pictures from Yitzhar are outrageous, sad and shameful. It must not be accepted in any way, but it is also impossible to break away from the wider context. It is impossible not to demolish the houses of terrorists and also to persecute the settlement on every tent and every shed. ” Yitzhar, “said MK.

MK Tamar Zandberg (Meretz) is expected to submit a bill to evacuate the Yitzhar settlement. Today she said: “The anarchist rioters who use violence against the security forces must be stopped. “Coming out of there is the despicable fruits of the occupation. It’s time to evacuate the settlement, the yeshiva and the outposts.”


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