Another crazy person… Ex-K3’tje Josje Huisman calls for opposition to corona measures in Antwerp – De Dagaily Standaard


“A curfew. Mandatory mouth masks. Tell your neighbors on the advice of the police… In Germany they know that things are not going the right way. When do we get up in Antwerp? ”, Ex-K3 member Josje Huisman (34) writes on Instagram.
The Belgians noticed that more than half of all infections in the country could be traced to Antwerp. The experts, who have been constantly ignored by politicians, have said for a long time that action should be taken, but the politicians preferred to be able to score with the relaxation of the measures.

Somewhere it finally started to dawn on that those experts might have been right, because the virus flared up again in the country. From one moment to the next, our southern neighbors hit the brakes hard, and a curfew was instituted for the Antwerp region. Face masks were also mandatory everywhere and now they just hope it all will pass soon.

And while they are in the middle of that process, an ex-K3’er suddenly comes up with an opinion. She disagrees with those strict measures, so she calls on people to resist!

“I compare it like this: if you are told to sit down on the bus for your own safety, you do. But if the bus driver suddenly shoots at the passengers, it’s time to get up. ”

What a bright light or not? She was also ‘bravely’ demonstrating with a Black Lives Matter demonstration, so she got a taste for it. It does bother her that her opinion (or well, I think it is more a feeling) in this case completely goes against that of the experts, which is finally listened to.

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