Another chance of thunderstorms


On Friday it is variable to sometimes heavily cloudy, with thunderstorms. In the course of the afternoon the showers become more intense, with a local chance of a lot of precipitation in a short time. Thursday thunderstorms already caused nuisance in various places.

Heavy rainfall and thunderstorms already caused heavy nuisance yesterday, especially in Flemish Brabant, East Flanders and West Flanders. Cellars and streets were flooded in Kortrijk, the area around Olen and Tienen.

Even today, thunderstorms can cause flooding. The mercury does drop to more normal temperatures for the time of the year: maximums of 23 to 29 degrees. The minimums are much more pleasant than the previous nights, and lie between 14 degrees in the High Fens and 19 degrees in the center.

On Saturday it will be partly cloudy with some showers during the day. A thunderstorm is also possible. Maxima of 24 to 27 degrees. On the second day of the weekend the maximum temperatures will temporarily rise again, to 24 or 25 degrees at the sea and to 30 degrees locally in the Kempen. We get sun and cloud fields, and gradually the clouds increase from the southwest. In the late afternoon (thunderstorms) showers from France pass over our country.

Monday morning we expect sun, but later the chance of (thunderstorms) showers increases again. Maxima around 24 or 25 degrees in the center.


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