Andrea Pirlo will earn less than Frank de Boer did at Internazionale


Sunday, August 9, 2020 at

Andrea Pirlo will earn considerably less at Juventus than his predecessor Maurizio Sarri, according to various media in Italy. Sky Italy reports an annual salary of 1.8 to 2 million euros for the brand new trainer of Juventus, who signed a two-year contract. According to The Gazzetta dello Sport Pirlo will earn 1.8 million euros per year, excluding bonuses.

Pirlo’s salary is disproportionate to Sarri’s: the trainer, who was fired on Sunday, earned a net 5.5 million euros per year. Because his contract continued for two more seasons, he is entitled to a severance pay of two years’ salary. This amounts to an amount of eleven million euros net and twenty million euros gross, Italian media report. In addition, his entire coaching staff was also fired. The decision to fire Sarri therefore costs Juventus many millions of euros, despite the fact that Pirlo will be under contract for considerably less money.

The 41-year-old starting trainer, who was appointed as trainer of the Juventus Under-23 at the end of last month, will earn less than a few fellow trainers from the Serie A. For example, Antonio Conte earns ten million euros per season at Internazionale, while Paulo Fonseca earns two and a half million euros at AS Roma. Gennaro Gattuso earned 750,000 euros at Napoli last season and sees his wages double next year after renewing his contract; Stefano Pioli has one and a half million euros on the payroll at AC Milan.

Frank de Boer also would have earned more at Internazionale than Pirlo will earn at Juventus. According to figures that The Gazzetta dello Sport published in 2016, De Boer had a fee of 2.5 million euros in Milan. He was thus one of the highest-earning trainers in the competition. After his dismissal in November 2016, De Boer received a compensation of 1.3 million euros.


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