Andrea Pirlo is Juventus’ head coach out of club love and not money – football news


Andrea Pirlo is the new coach of Juventus FC. The former midfielder of the Italian superpower is doing the job out of club love. Or rather: not for gain.

A week ago, Andrea Pirlo was introduced as coach of the U23 of Juventus FC. A Champions League elimination later, Maurizio Sarri was put on the street and Pirlo moved on to the star legion of The old lady.

We already announced that the club icon has to make important decisions in his first working days. Juventus wants to rejuvenate and let four strongholds go. And what about Cristiano Ronaldo? You can read that again HERE.

Dirt cheap

A second consequence of the corona crisis. The old lady should save. It will certainly not be due to Pirlo’s wages. The Gazzetta dello Sport knows he will see $ 1.8 million per season appearing in his bank account.

In the first team of Juventus there is hardly one person – we do not count the youngsters for the sake of convenience – who sees less appear on his bank account. Gianluigi Buffon earns about one and a half million euros per season. Maybe he can become an assistant next season?


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