Andrea Aneili: “Sari will stay next season too”


The writing was on the wall. After the weak ability in Serie A, which luckily for Juventus came late enough not to ruin the championship celebrations, Mauricio Sari’s players were eliminated in the last 16 of the Champions League despite a 1: 2 victory (2: 2 in the sum of the two games) following away goals.

The first to back up and dispel the fog ahead of next season was actually the team president, Andrea Aneili He said: “Sari will stay next season as well.”

“A big disappointment,” he said Leonardo Bonucci After the painful flush. “We knew that Lyon would defend with ten players in their half of the field. We reached a lot of opportunities, but in football it is not enough to create opportunities, we need to know how to bring the victory home.”

The old lady’s brake mainly referred to a 1-0 loss in the first game in France: “We should have been much better in that game. Tonight we did everything we could, it’s a matter of a few inches from qualifying for the quarter-finals.” Bonucci commented on the situation with an approach that would be perceived as a bit of a loser, saying: “The most important thing is that Juventus have won Scudetto, we knew the Champions League the chances are different.”

The one who still referred to the dismissal is Miralem Pjanic, Who actually wore the Juventus white-and-black uniform for the last time today. The midfielder also expressed his deep disappointment at the loss and spoke about the future of the team without him: “This team can and should aim higher. I have no doubt that Juventus will be stronger next season, the mentality and strengths here are great.”

Pianic, who since signing for Barcelona, ​​lost his place in the squad following Sari’s decision, also referred to what it would have been like to play under the coach, who despite winning the Scudetto has many voices calling for him to leave: “If you look at how Napoli played under him, “It was ours. I’m not the only one saying that, it’s clear. It takes time to develop it.”


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