André Hazes knew that he would not sound like ‘Dutch farmer’ in English NOW


André Hazes released an English-language blues song together with Dutch blues singer Phil Bee: Need Your Love So Bad. That is quite different from the singer is used to, but he was not worried about the language, he says on Saturday AD.

“I’ve been coming to America for 25 years, so I have mastered that language quite well. I knew I wouldn’t sound like a farmer,” said the 26-year-old singer. The new genre for him, on the other hand, was something that Hazes found more exciting to do. “You are standing next to a man who has been doing this all his life (Bee, ed.). That makes it exciting. It is as if I say to him: ‘Now just go. Live to do.’ It is all different. ”

Bee was one of the participants of the television program We Want More, where Hazes was a judge. Where Hazes had to provide the musician with feedback during the program was the roles in the studio when recording Need Your Love So Bad turned around according to Hazes.

“He had to blow my ass if I got it wrong”

“I also went to him and said I hate comment. But I had never sung English in my life,” said Hazes. “I had never done a song like this before. So he had to blow my ass all day if I did something wrong.” That worked out well, according to the singer. “He helped and guided me very well.”

Singing outside his own genre has pleased the Hazes, and he would like to continue his plans to make a rock album. Although he is not yet sure whether he wants to do that in Dutch or in English, he still leans towards English. “You should listen to American rock records. When you translate that into Dutch, you sometimes think: Jesus, this is childish. So chances are it will be in English.”


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