André and Ferry put the Dik Voormekaar podcast on the long track | Entertainment


Since last year there are already dozens of compilations on Spotify. “That is going very well. The repetitions are already well over 1.5 million listeners ”, says André against BuzzE. “We still plan to make new ones, but yes, there have been some private problems.”

So it ended Ferry in hospital to be treated for cataracts and André had to say goodbye to his husband in January Martin. “That is why it has been postponed a bit,” André explains. “I’m still not quite in the mood to have fun and laugh. I still have to find that back a bit. Surely it is an intensive program. ”

However, there is no cancellation from postponement, André assures us. “Someday it will happen,” he laughs.

Best Radio Show Ever

In the Dik Voormekaar Show André and Ferry with characters such as Dik Voormekaar and Meneer De Groot reaped great success in the seventies and eighties. The bizarre skits and songs returned around the turn of the century and later André and Ferry also provided live Voormekaar sketches during André’s revues in the theater and the show returned to television.

At the end of last year, the program was proclaimed by the listeners of NPO Radio 1 and NPO Radio 5 as the best that has been heard on the radio in the past hundred years.


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