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SATURDAY, AUGUST 8, 2020, 11:44 – Garrincha

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TRANSFERS On an inbound level, Anderlecht has almost completed its transfer homework. We can only expect an additional deep striker, confirms sports director Peter Verbeke. On the outgoing plane a difficult task awaits him. A lot of guys with a heavy contract have to leave and they are not eager.

After the departure of Kemar Roofe, Anderlecht still have two deep strikers. But Antoine Colassin is still young and Landry Dimata was sidelined for a year and a half. “Our attack is a question mark. We can add something else”, says Verbeke. The question is with what budget. “We will indeed have to be creative, but that is okay. Even someone like Moffi van Kortrijk already costs five million euros. We will have to discover our own Moffi.”

In the meantime, Anderlecht still have a lot of players in surplus: Saief (photo), Trebel, Sanneh, Lawrence, Nkaka, Dauda, ​​Sa, … Losing them is no easy task. “There are many”, says Verbeke. “And they are well paid. They are in a golden cage, as it were, and hardly put pressure to leave.”

Source: Het Nieuwsblad (Jürgen Geril)
The Latest News (Pieter-Jan Calcoen)

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