Anderlecht needs the quick thinking and acting of Kompany and Kana


RSC Anderlecht played poorly at the field of KV Mechelen. It gave away a 0-2 lead and there were some question marks. RSCA must play faster and Vincent Kompany and Marco Kana could well hold the key.

We start with the most experienced RSCA player on the field: Peter Zulj. The Austrian played very slowly and most of his passes were backwards. No, it was strange that Marco Kana – very strong on the ‘6’ in the preparation – did not start in the base. Kana proved in the preparation that he can make that passing forward and has a faster handling speed.

Strange that Zulj, who was having a particularly difficult time, stopped. When Kompany is not there, he is the first point of contact and Zulj is still unable to convince. The game is going too slow and RSCA becomes predictable, which makes it logical that things are sometimes difficult offensively. It is no coincidence that the ex-Sturm Graz player reached his best level when Kompany was almost always on the pitch from December to March. During that period ‘Vince the Prince’ turned out to be the ‘playmaker’ of RSCA.

Elias Cobbaut also has to pay attention and look better in the next game. Playing football at times a drama, and positionally there is still a lot of work to be done. Cobbaut must therefore pay attention, because Hannes Delcroix had a strong preparation. It is also clear that RSCA really needs Vincent Kompany.

With his quality, RSCA is defensively stronger and his passing (he plays well between the lines and his cross passes are an offensive weapon) ensures speed in the game. It is no coincidence that Kana has already been mentioned as a potential successor to Kompany. Both see it faster than the rest and also act faster. RSCA took a point from Mechelen and that is already better than last season, but Frank Vercauteren – who could safely make a second substitution a bit earlier – still has a lot of work … And maybe hope that Peter Verbeke will also get an experienced player and not only guys with a ‘growth margin’?

Claudio reulens

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