Anderlecht needs a midfielder who can / wants to pass a man – Voetbalnieuws


It was not what they had in mind at Anderlecht last weekend. The midfield did not turn and there was hardly any depth or creativity to be detected. Too slow in the build up and too much backwards to be good.

Peter Zulj had eaten the butter with the fans and there is something to be said for that. The Austrian barely played deep, stuck to risk-free passes to his goalkeeper or the two central defenders and was unable to eliminate his man once.

Man over

But Sambi Lokonga also committed a lot, except for some good cross and through passes. With Vlap before that, which does not excel in speed, you immediately know where the biggest problem lies. Anderlecht’s system is based on either Zulj or Lokonga picking up the ball between Luckassen and Cobbaut – who also do not excel in good passing – and build it up from there.

But then they are expected to be able to pass their man to take the opponent out of position. That happened little or not. It’s probably not an option to rehabilitate Trebel as a base pawn, but he could. Or Marco Kana? We dare not say that Zulj’s experience outweighs the speed and technique of the just 18-year-old.

Space between defense and attack too big

In any case, Anderlecht is calling for disaster on itself in this way. The space between Zulj-Lokonga and the attacking compartment is far too large. Very easy to defend, even if they can’t play vertically, as Mechelen proved most of the match.

Wouter Vrancken also gave a tip to his fellow trainers: pure man covering in midfield and the Purple & White has problems. A faster thinking and acting midfielder could solve a lot. One that can take out a man and thus must activate the opponent’s auxiliary defense. Then you get one that is free higher up the field. Back to the drawing board for Vercauteren and Kompany?


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