Anderlecht dropped out for club icon: “Below all levels”


He was without a doubt one of the most talented strikers our country ever produced, but unfortunately Luc Nilis was not allowed a long career. Since then, the former goal-getter of Winterslag, Anderlecht, PSV and Aston Villa has been trying to get a career as a (striker) trainer off the ground, albeit with little success either.

The two-legged attacker is now preparing for a new challenge, because it has just been announced that he will be working in Turkey again. Nevertheless, Nilis had recently indicated that he would like to get his chance somewhere at the highest level in Belgium. Although that did not happen, the 56-fold Red Devil at Het Belang van Limburg now reveals that there was indeed some concrete interest in the absolute top of the Jupiler Pro League.

In his own words, Nilis would have been close to Club Brugge, where Vincent Mannaert was open to his arrival but Philippe Clement did not provide a place in his staff. There was also contact with ex-club Anderlecht via new chairman Wouter Vandenhaute, who, to Nilis’s disappointment, did not keep his promise to call back. Finally, the Limburger himself saw something in a stay with Genk, but the conversations never became concrete there either.

UPDATE 11/08

Luc Nilis does not return to Belgium. Not even to his ex-club Anderlecht who promised to call back. The former attacker says in The last news today, however, I am still waiting for that call: “I think that is below all levels, I ask myself questions, but I do not get very far with that observation”, Nilis is strict.

Nevertheless, the Purple & White would have wanted to bring him on board, they know The last news. However, they quickly came to the conclusion among the people of Brussels that they could not employ him full-time. However, a phone call had brought clarity to Nilis.

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