Anderlecht and Racing Genk are not satisfied with the inclusion of U23 Club Brugge in 1B – Voetbalnieuws


Anderlecht and Racing Genk have informed the Pro League in an open letter that they do not agree with the inclusion of the Bruges reserves in 1B.

Anderlecht and Racing Genk are known for their youth activities and would have liked to take the place of Club Brugge themselves. The choice fell on Club Brugge, however, because of the final classification in the U21 competition last year and the general odds of the youth. At Anderlecht they call it ‘unbalanced criteria’.

Peter Verbeke himself would have liked to park a few youngsters in 1B and speaks of a distortion of competition. “They can make bigger steps towards the first team. The Bruges talents will be provided with a formidable display window and development platform. They will benefit from this in all areas.”

For example, Sieben Dewaele could have matured for a year in 1B. “Now we have to follow him from town, while he could just as well have played here in 1B with our own coaches. That’s frustrating.”


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