Andalusia issues fines of up to 600,000 euros for violating covid 19 rules


Violations of health measures are now fined in Andalusia. The decree for this was approved yesterday by the regional government and will be published today or tomorrow in the regional state magazine BOJA. Fines depend on the number of people exposed to the virus because people or companies do not comply with the applicable rules.

Grades of Covid-19 Rules Violations

Regional minister Elias Bendodo said earlier that he would transfer sanctions to protect the health of the inhabitants, but also the employment in Andalusia. “Due to a lack of human responsibility, only the laws and regulations remain,” he recently told El País. The regional government distinguishes between the seriousness of the violations. These range from mild to severe to very serious.

Minor offenses: Infecting less than 15 people

Fines between 100 and 3,000 euros will follow if someone, for example, does not comply with the mouth mask obligation that has been in force in the region since mid-July. Offenders in these cases have infected fifteen people or less. A maximum number of people is allowed in restaurants and bars. When people eat or drink something in a restaurant, the contact details should be left behind. If this is refused, a fine will be imposed.

Serious fines: Infecting 15 to 100 people

Violations of this kind that lead to the infection of 15 to 100 other people result in fines between 3,001 and 60,000 euros. For example, someone did not follow the quarantine obligation or the advice of the competent health authorities. For example, private gatherings or parties with a maximum of fifteen attendees are allowed. Violation of this maximum capacity or failure to observe the hygiene measures will, however, be punished. Earlier it was also announced that Andalusia has connected the botellones, the drinking parties of young people, since late July. If these are held, those present will of course also be punished.

Serious Violations: Infecting More Than 100 People

These fines range from 60,001 to 600,000 euros and are distributed, for example, to club or bar owners if they fail to adhere to the applicable opening times, if it is busier than allowed or if the distance between them cannot be observed. In many cases, these are violations that require the closure of entire buildings or other locations and endangering many people.

Current figures Covid-19 Andalusia

According to the Diario de Sevilla newspaper, which is based on data from the regional Ministry of Health, there are currently 2,876 active infections in Andalusia. That was 123 more than 24 hours ago. According to the Spanish newspaper ABC, there are currently eighty active outbreaks in Andalusia. Most outbreaks (16) in Málaga were followed by Seville and Almería.


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