And then culture houses became football clubs as much as protest: …


‘Stop saying bar, say canteen. Don’t say hall, say lounge. Don’t say chairs, say grandstand. Don’t say chat, say celebrate the victory. ‘ Various cultural houses have adapted their logo by analogy with that of football clubs. A playful protest, because football matches are allowed to continue, but cultural performances are not yet.

‘From the amateurs to the pros, our cultural clubs are world class. That is why FC Onder Stroom is starting one big football league today: the Cultural Pro League. ‘ That message can be read on the Facebook page of the Antwerp culture house.

‘The message that football fans were allowed to support live in the cinemas of Kinepolis went wrong with us,’ says Frederik Van den Bril of Onder Stroom. ‘Our cultural events were perfectly safe in the open air, but were closed. Then why is it possible to crawl into a cinema together? ‘

As a playful protest, they renamed themselves FC Onder Stroom on social media. And they called on other cultural centers to do the same. One of the other initiators is Jasper Declercq: ‘We decided with a team of designers to make free football logos for all Flemish and Brussels cultural houses.’ KVS, OLT Rivierenhof, De Studio, Het Bos, Vooruit, NT Gent, Sportpaleis, Lotto Arena, Forest National and Botanique are all participating.

Two sizes and weights

‘We have nothing against football, but culture is just as important and fun, isn’t it? We cannot escape the feeling that we work with two measures and two weights, ”says Declercq. So a team of designers got to work for free. ‘We decided to make football logos for free for all Flemish and Brussels cultural houses,’ says Declercq. He assures that many more will follow.

Antwerp provincial governor Cathy Berx had previously said that theater performances are dangerous for the spread of the corona virus, ‘because the public wants to talk about it afterwards’. And that, according to Berx, poses a risk of gatherings.


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