And again a drop in the number of infected: only 625 per day


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Is the second wave starting to fade? The Ministry of Health is updating this morning on a drastic reduction in the number of daily infections. Only 625 new verifications were discovered yesterday, possibly due to the relatively low number of tests: 7,736.

A total of 72,315 verified cases were detected in Israel since the outbreak of the plague, but there is an alarming increase in the number of severe 340 patients (+12 from yesterday). 96 respirators (+1). In the number of deaths again an increase of 8 per day to a total of 531 deaths cumulatively from the outbreak of the plague.

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The number of recoveries also continues to skyrocket following the new regulations. To date, there have been 45,631 recoveries, with 26,153 active patients now.

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