An urban renewal plan has been approved for the construction of 543 apartments in the Old City of Lod – Real Estate


The Committee for the Advancement of Preferred Housing Complexes (Hotamal) has approved the unification and division plan for the Beit HaKeshot complex in the Old City of Lod.

The plan includes the construction of 6 new buildings of 6-22 floors with 543 housing units. Of the total housing units, about 100 units will be allocated for small apartments. There are currently 4 buildings in poor condition in the complex, including 64 housing units, which will be evacuated for the benefit of the project. This is a complex with good transportation accessibility both at the municipal level and at the national level due to the proximity to Road 40 and further to Road 1.

The plan also includes underground parking, increasing public spaces for community and cultural uses, which will be integrated into both residential buildings and separate lots that allow for the construction of schools, kindergartens and community buildings. The plan also includes about 7 dunams of open public areas that incorporate public buildings as well as conservation buildings – which are an integral part of the neighborhood array with special attention to connection and connection to the heart of the Old City. In addition, approximately 3,600 square meters of employment and commercial areas will be established as a commercial front facing the streets.





Acting Chairman of the Hotamal, Daniel Meltzer: “A plan of unification and division that will be the first swallow in the renewal of the Old City of Lod, which began with a significant construction turnaround.”

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