An ultra-Orthodox family member was rescued during a trip to the Meron area


After a long hour, volunteers from the “Galil Carmel” troop unit arrived at the ultra-Orthodox family members who had lost their way in the Meron area. They were found to be without water and in a state of dehydration

An ultra-Orthodox family of 11 children lost their way this morning (Sunday) during a trip to Mount Meron. The family members who were left without water called the Israeli police volunteers from the “Galil Carmel” rescue unit.

After questioning and questioning the rescue team of the rescue unit, it became clear in a telephone conversation with the family where they were. A team of rescuers consisting of paramedics, and locating missing persons set out to rescue the family.

The rescue of the ultra-Orthodox family // The “Galil Carmel” rescue unit

After a long hour, the volunteers came to the family and rescued them in a state of severe water shortage and varying degrees of exhaustion and dehydration. Paramedics from the “Galil Carmel” rescue unit provided them with initial treatment and they were evacuated by ambulance for further tests.


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