An order was issued to prevent threatening harassment against Yair Netanyahu


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Drama in Jerusalem: The Magistrate’s Court today (Sunday) issued an order to prevent threatening harassment against the Prime Minister’s son, Yair Netanyahu.

The judge ruled that: “The prime minister’s son calls on others to come and demonstrate in front of the petitioners’ house, according to him, by virtue of his freedom of expression. Although this is a fundamental choice, there is a restriction on freedom of expression. Allegations of the use of this right can be made while threatening harassment. “

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Application for an order to prevent threatening harassment against Yair Netanyahu


She also wrote that: “It is doubtful to me whether it can be argued that a demonstration in front of the house of demonstrators is a lawful demonstration in front of the house of public figures, and it is doubtful whether the involvement of those seeking demonstrations in front of the Prime Minister’s House makes them, for now, public figures.”

The decision to issue the order against Yair Netanyahu came “in view of the fact that the respondent did not provide explanations at the hearing for his intention in the tweet, did not rebuke followers who called for violence, and did not remove the tweet despite the violent discourse he provoked. “Therefore, I hold that an order for the prevention of threatening harassment has been issued prohibiting the respondent from publishing anything that may bother the applicants of threatening harassment, including their personal details, even if they can be obtained with reasonable effort.”

The requests for the order, and the allegations against the requests

The request for the order came after the young Netanyahu published the details of the founders of the New Contract Association, which is behind the ‘Prime Minister’ demonstrations as they appear in the Registrar of Associations, and wrote: “Invites everyone to demonstrate, day and night. We in the country have all the anarchy in recent weeks. “

One of the complainants, Haim Shadmi, was previously questioned following threats against the prime minister and his family. Among other things, Shadmi talked about raising a Molotov cocktail at Balfour.

The young Netanyahu this morning filed a motion in court to cancel or dismiss the hearing, which was submitted through his lawyer Yossi Cohen and defined the requests for an order as “fraud, a real scam, aimed at the most cynical and ugly use of lawsuits by a bunch of thugs, unscrupulous anarchists, who misled the court. “.

Please one of the applicants, Haim Shadmi, is defined as a loud and violent demonstrator. Cohen reminds the court that a complaint was filed against him for serious incitement and threats of murder after he told young Netanyahu “we know why you need security guards. One day you will be without security guards, you never know.”

Cohen argued that he had evidence that the three plaintiffs had misled the court and led him to believe that they felt allegedly threatened, while their entire purpose was to cynically use the court to advance their purposes.

In addition, Cohen requested that Yair Netanyahu not appear for the hearing. Judge Dorit Feinstein decided not to cancel or postpone the hearing – but gave the young Netanyahu an exemption from appearing, demanding that he be available by phone for her questions.

Delete the post from Facebook

Meanwhile, the Facebook company decided to remove Netanyahu’s post against the founders of the New Contract Association, which appeared on its platform, due to the publication of the founders’ details.

The Facebook company stated: “Privacy and protection of personal information are critical for people to feel safe on our platforms, subject to Facebook’s global community rules, we do not allow people to post personal or confidential information of others, including addresses and phone numbers, without the person’s permission. “This post has been reviewed by our global teams in accordance with these rules and has been deleted because it violated them.”

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