An Israeli citizen wrote the response against the prime minister “Dictators move only with a bullet in the head”


Last week we reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last night posted a comment on the Facebook of a user who threatened his life, in response to a post posted by Netanyahu yesterday, which read: “Dictators only move with a bullet in the head.”

The various reports on news sites that the account was fake were responded to by the prime minister’s associates, who said that “if it is an anonymous account run by elements calling for the assassination of the prime minister, then it is no less serious. The police must locate him, prosecute him and act decisively against dozens of incitement publications. And the daily death threats against the prime minister and his family.

Ephraim Shamir, who called for the assassination of the prime minister, is not anonymous, as are other people who have been questioned by the police about wild incitement against the prime minister.

It is a shame and a disgrace that the media is engaged in covering up incitement instead of condemning it in a sharp and clear manner. ”

Now, the Israel Police has announced that this is a foreign resident who does not live in Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented on the investigation conducted by the Israel Police and wrote that “I thank the Israel Police for locating the user who incited against me on Facebook and hope that they will prosecute her. Incitement to murder – out of bounds. I do not even expect an apology from the media.” But I do expect left-wing leaders Lapid and others to defend this terrible incitement. ”

MA police spokeswoman said that “upon learning of the existence of a Facebook post calling for the prime minister to be harmed, under the username” dana ron “, the Lahav 433 cyber unit opened an investigation to locate the suspects, with the approval of the Deputy State Attorney, given the suspicion of incitement to violence.

After conducting a number of investigative actions, it emerged that the person behind the publication is a foreign resident who has not lived in Israel for a long time.

The Israel Police, in coordination with the State Attorney’s Office, is continuing the investigation.


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